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Everyone can be a model!!!!

so here we are again....
I thought i'd add some pictures from my portfolio that have become very dear to y heart. To me they mean a lot to you they may just be photographs...but I do ope you like them. Personally I think anyone can look great and be great if they have faith in themselves. Its okay to have what?! who cares we are all imperfect.
Now look at these pictures...I think they look like true models and can look amazing on film....
So yeah if you want a photo shoot Please let me know...I think everyone deserves a chance!!!!

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New Technique

So i finally found something else in Photoshop. i hope you like it and give me some feedback on it. I think its cool! but meh you never know, its better to hear what others have to say.So i am asking YOU for HELP!!!!let me know!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sad Reality

The sad reality of life is that we follow a trend. Most of us are following the stream of this system; all of us are part of it.As we take a deeper look into the fashion world, we realize that it is one trend after the other. We can see this change in children and young people the most. They see something and they will want to be part of it or dress the same way. We can see this happening if we look at the toys young girls play with. The original Barbie doll was a princess or some sort of character that portrayed the good and respectable. If we look at them now they wear short skirts, are rock stars etc. Children see their dolls wear these clothes and now they too want to wear those clothes.Now lets look at the real life models. What really is a real life model, you may ask. A model is supposed to be someone that is almost perfect; their bodies are almost sculptured into perfection. They are not lacking a single thing. Their legs are straight, their hair is perfectly shiny, their face does not have any spots and they only way between 70-100 pounds. Is there something wrong with this description? YES! Models are also people and yet society has made them think that is the only way to look right. They have been put into a form and if they don’t match then they won’t work. A lot of Runway models have starved themselves to be the right size, to become a “someone”. Sad reality is they won’t be a “someone”, they will be a “something”. They are becoming living objects that don’t know what their body used to look like before they chose to become part of the fashion world. They forget that their bodies are beautiful and that it is okay to have a little fat, rather than to be a skeleton with skin. We have to face the facts, we chose who we want to be and that models are sick and have to be helped to find themselves!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Weddings...don't we all love to see the bride in her white dress???

We all do!!!To me weddings seem to be a big challenge and yet I must say I liked the outcome of this one. I think beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and many times we forget that.

I loved taking pictures of this couple they truly showed love and beauty just as it is supposed to be when you are getting married.

Hope you like it...


Its about time....
Its Graduation time and everyone is excited. You are either the person who is graduating,a parent, a friend or somehow related to the person that is graduating,which means excitement in your life.

I had the privilege of taking pictures of a beautiful graduate this year. I only had an hour time, but that didn't matter because we had fun. Mari is a beautiful person in and out, which makes taking pictures of her even better. I love working with people that are natural and can still be themselves in front of the camera. The best pictures are the ones that create a feeling or capture a moment. I hope you like this one as much as I do!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Studio Session

Studio Session with My favourite Models. Its always fun working with them. They are ready to try new things and are always up for something crazy to happen.

These pictures where also taken in my self build studio at my house. I think this just shows that you don't need all these big fancy things to create amazing pictures. Imagination and a goal that is what makes a great shot!!!


Hey its me again. I hope you have been enjoying my Blog so far!
I have been trying to keep it updated as much as I could. I appreciate you having a look at my work and also giving me feedback. So a big "Thank you" to all of you!!!
Hope you keep looking...

Covergirl Try

Hey its a new day-which means a new post. This time I tried something new-retouching!
I know most of you have heard of America's Next Top Model before, and because I know you have you will understand what I was trying to do. for some reason the models always look stunning for their Cover Girl Shot.

In this shot You can see Rutendo-S. Lange and Natasha August. To me they are Are beautiful without any retouching. Still I chose this picture because it was a nice close up and I could try some tricks with it. Would you say it looks almost too perfect or more like- hey I am jealous I want to look like that. If that was the effect then I would say I am on the right track.

I took this picture in my little set-up studio. I used one model light and one soft box with a strobe light. I loved the lighting and the models were amazing. So... Yes turned out to be great.Thank you to my Models.

Hope you like it :D

Studio/ Ads

I started photography on the basis of taking pictures wherever I was with the lighting I had at that very moment. I never liked the idea of studios until I started learning more about them and what it involved and how it can affect a picture.

Here is an ad that I tried to bring across in this picture. Too many girls out there try to be high fashion and want to be just as skinny as the models. But really that's not how we were made or meant to be. CURVES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SO ARE YOU!!!


So once again its time for a blog! This time I decided to show you a different view of Toronto....

Although I am in school I get to go different places on weekends and sometimes after school. On Monday I went to the Docks. I was about to leave when I realized that i hadn't taken any pictures yet. From there you get the most amazing view of Toronto city. It gives you almost the feeling of peace although you are still in the city. Many people thing the city means party,hectic, lots of cars and crazy people, but no its not just that, its more... I personally think that looking at Toronto from this angle is mesmerizing!!! Its so beautiful and makes you wonder: Is there more than what I just see???.One starts thinking about areas of the city and where one has been or maybe not been. just think about it and let me know how you view Toronto.

I think this picture gives you an idea of what I saw that evening!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hey everyone,

as usual I take my camera where ever I go, which includes work. Last night I worked at a wedding and they had this great dessert-sad to say I for got the name of it. Ohh well ...

I decided to take some pictures just to show you what it looked like. It actually also tasted amazing!!!

Hope you like the shot as well and maybe feel like eating something like that very soon...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ad for stainless steel bottles

This was one of my favorite shots for an ad that I was working on about three weeks ago. I loved the idea of mixing different cultures together to portrait how much variety we have in Canada. It is always good to know when we can relate to something.

I love this shot because I was able to capture a moment in time. That is what I love doing capturing moments of peoples life. I really hope that you see them just as I do.

Old but New

I took this picture in the beginning of June from the CN Tower. To me I couldn't just leave the photograph as it was, because too many people have shots like that already. I tried to make the photograph of Toronto look like it was an image taken a while ago. I tried giving it an older look as well as changing the composition of the shots.

With this blog I would like to show people that there is more than just what is right in front of us-its all about creating images in our heads and then finding those moments in life.

Children-God's Creations

When we get up in the morning don’t we wish sometimes that we could be children again?? Times when the world seemed so carefree and no worries were surrounding us daily? Times that we cared about nothing but rather telling everyone what was on our minds and we got accepted. Being a child is a blessing that has been taken for granted. Too many people have grown up and forgotten how beautiful children truly are.

Watch A child looking at a tree and being fascinated with it, seeing the great stem, watching the leaves fall down, feeling the texture, do you view a tree in that way? Most likely you don’t but it is the little things that make life so beautiful. Children still have that ability and the need to explore and find out what is out there. Children have an ability that we adults have lost, which ahs caused us to become worried and care so much about what others think of us-children tell the truth as it is. They will ask whatever is on their mind and even if they don’t like the answer they will accept it and continue doing what they were doing. They do not dwell on the negative as we adults do. Can we adults maybe learn something from them although they are still so young?
The answer is clear-YES! Children are part of Gods creation- we once were those young children that lived from day to day not worrying about every little thing but rather looked at the things that are right in front of us. We can’t allow our adulthood to take away our childhood. We need to start thinking like young children again and realize that keeping it simple and adhering to our instincts will help us to cope with life. If we truly believe that being truthful and looking at the positives rather than the negatives our heart will be filled with less sorrow. God gave us a gift by letting us be children first by giving us a chance to learn ad then see how we can apply what we learned in life. If we don’t make use of these things then there is no point. Seeing the good in the simple is what makes life valuable and helps us grow, because only then do we appreciate the great that is being given to us in the future. We all are Children-God’s Creation.