Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old but New

I took this picture in the beginning of June from the CN Tower. To me I couldn't just leave the photograph as it was, because too many people have shots like that already. I tried to make the photograph of Toronto look like it was an image taken a while ago. I tried giving it an older look as well as changing the composition of the shots.

With this blog I would like to show people that there is more than just what is right in front of us-its all about creating images in our heads and then finding those moments in life.


Ricardo said...

Wow..I never viewed this image this way. But the story that goes with it makes it that much better. Looks like a History Channel Toronto Special Edition cover image.

'Creating the image before you take it...'


Angelo07 said...

Randy, I am really pleased to see you pursuing your passion. Your love to photography is evident. You really have an eye for creating good photos by capturing just the right moment. Because in what would otherwise be just an ordinary picture, you managed to express yourself while showcasing the world in a different light. Thanks for sharing your vision.