Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Children-God's Creations

When we get up in the morning don’t we wish sometimes that we could be children again?? Times when the world seemed so carefree and no worries were surrounding us daily? Times that we cared about nothing but rather telling everyone what was on our minds and we got accepted. Being a child is a blessing that has been taken for granted. Too many people have grown up and forgotten how beautiful children truly are.

Watch A child looking at a tree and being fascinated with it, seeing the great stem, watching the leaves fall down, feeling the texture, do you view a tree in that way? Most likely you don’t but it is the little things that make life so beautiful. Children still have that ability and the need to explore and find out what is out there. Children have an ability that we adults have lost, which ahs caused us to become worried and care so much about what others think of us-children tell the truth as it is. They will ask whatever is on their mind and even if they don’t like the answer they will accept it and continue doing what they were doing. They do not dwell on the negative as we adults do. Can we adults maybe learn something from them although they are still so young?
The answer is clear-YES! Children are part of Gods creation- we once were those young children that lived from day to day not worrying about every little thing but rather looked at the things that are right in front of us. We can’t allow our adulthood to take away our childhood. We need to start thinking like young children again and realize that keeping it simple and adhering to our instincts will help us to cope with life. If we truly believe that being truthful and looking at the positives rather than the negatives our heart will be filled with less sorrow. God gave us a gift by letting us be children first by giving us a chance to learn ad then see how we can apply what we learned in life. If we don’t make use of these things then there is no point. Seeing the good in the simple is what makes life valuable and helps us grow, because only then do we appreciate the great that is being given to us in the future. We all are Children-God’s Creation.

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