Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Covergirl Try

Hey its a new day-which means a new post. This time I tried something new-retouching!
I know most of you have heard of America's Next Top Model before, and because I know you have you will understand what I was trying to do. for some reason the models always look stunning for their Cover Girl Shot.

In this shot You can see Rutendo-S. Lange and Natasha August. To me they are Are beautiful without any retouching. Still I chose this picture because it was a nice close up and I could try some tricks with it. Would you say it looks almost too perfect or more like- hey I am jealous I want to look like that. If that was the effect then I would say I am on the right track.

I took this picture in my little set-up studio. I used one model light and one soft box with a strobe light. I loved the lighting and the models were amazing. So... Yes turned out to be great.Thank you to my Models.

Hope you like it :D


Tasha said...

Thank YOU randy .. your the best photographer i have worked with, super fun and creative, as u can tell by our shot. Keep it up

Randy said...

Your more than welcome.Always a pleasure to work with you!!!

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