Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sad Reality

The sad reality of life is that we follow a trend. Most of us are following the stream of this system; all of us are part of it.As we take a deeper look into the fashion world, we realize that it is one trend after the other. We can see this change in children and young people the most. They see something and they will want to be part of it or dress the same way. We can see this happening if we look at the toys young girls play with. The original Barbie doll was a princess or some sort of character that portrayed the good and respectable. If we look at them now they wear short skirts, are rock stars etc. Children see their dolls wear these clothes and now they too want to wear those clothes.Now lets look at the real life models. What really is a real life model, you may ask. A model is supposed to be someone that is almost perfect; their bodies are almost sculptured into perfection. They are not lacking a single thing. Their legs are straight, their hair is perfectly shiny, their face does not have any spots and they only way between 70-100 pounds. Is there something wrong with this description? YES! Models are also people and yet society has made them think that is the only way to look right. They have been put into a form and if they don’t match then they won’t work. A lot of Runway models have starved themselves to be the right size, to become a “someone”. Sad reality is they won’t be a “someone”, they will be a “something”. They are becoming living objects that don’t know what their body used to look like before they chose to become part of the fashion world. They forget that their bodies are beautiful and that it is okay to have a little fat, rather than to be a skeleton with skin. We have to face the facts, we chose who we want to be and that models are sick and have to be helped to find themselves!!!!

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